Printing rules!

August 5, 2010

Squeedgees* (technical term)

So… today i went to visit my lovely friend – Ellie (check out her INCREDIBLE illustrative designs at: at East London Printmakers

We started the day with tea, prepared a few screens (chatted a bit about boys)… and then got printing!


So sweet , my spoon is standing all on its own…

I know what you’re thinking dear readers…. ‘But Josie! I thought

you used vintage or unusual prints?’      

Well, you’re right there, BUT… the lovely people at London College of Fashion have given me a scholarship in order to grow the label and sell more quirky Josie style clothes around the world. Most buyers like to know what they’re getting, and so like to order from a set range.

Clue #1

So…Josie is condensing all of her print knowledge and trying to condense her love for all different kinds of patterns/themes into one collection – to launch for Spring/Summer ’11….

Put your back into it...

It’s been a tough ride – ‘cos there are ao many to choose from!

Do I go floral? Horsey? Preppy? Rule Britannia? Travel? Hot Air Balloons? Circus Acts? I want to print 48 collections, but alas, for now at least, have to pick one…


…Can you guess it?



July 1, 2010

After 5 years, I have decided that you whereareyounow? girls deserve a bit of a treat. So… our shop now has a very special ‘design your own’ section.
All you need to do is pick a fabric, a belt and tell us how long (or short) you want the bad boy to be… We’ll do the rest.
A Devon lady will make your new design to order and the next thing you know, it’ll be landing on your doorstep all wrapped up in a bow. (Well, you know what I mean…)
What on earth could you be waiting for?

whereareyounow? Josie was at Earl’s Court last wkend for the Clothes Show, London. It’s one of my favourite parts of my job – meeting all my lovely customers and seeing the designs come to life.
Particular favourites included:
– Frankie’s lilac mini festival dress (probably being worn in Ibiza as i type this from humid London)
– Katie’s Cat Jacket which looked amazing with her auburn hair..
– and Eva’s Henry VIII maxi dress. She was as much of a Tudor fan as I am….

I whizzed across to this morning for a fit meeting for new collection due to hit the site in a couple of months – just in time to update your whereareyounow? wardrobe. It’s such a fun place to go because the girls are all so stylish and you really see the trends in all their glory.
I was loving a picture they had up with a girl wearing a dress made from a tartan picnic rug – very Josie.

TopShop sale rages on – heading in for a sneaky peek tonight – there are loads of whereareyounow? bargains to be had, so get down to Oxford Circus and bag yourself a one-off Josie design at half price.

Anyway… til next time bloggers, get designing your skirts and spread the word!

Josie xxx

Give me a break!

April 29, 2010

…has long been one of my favourite sayings.

After all, it’s how most of us feel, most of the time….

It’s a bit 80’s NYC (see Henry Holland A/W ’10 collection), but hey, we like ghetto chic here at Josie towers.

It makes me think of peace marches, graffiti signs, black and white photos… in fact, i feel s/s ’11 coming on….

Watch this space, yeah?

What would Chloe, Agyness or Kate wear to prom?

March 31, 2010
So, I’m a little old to have had a prom… back in Josie days of school discos, it was all about Whigfield, high pigtails and over-the-knee socks…

But, if i did, what would i, (or more importantly, our beloved Sevigny) wear? I can’t see her in the usual tat you buy from prom sites…

Frock Horror!


Maybe she’s go more Carrie Bradshaw at Stanford’s gay prom – vintage glam..

Cherry Bomb(shell)

Deyn does Denim


Perhaps, every cool girl worth her salt will always be compared to the achingly perfect Kate Moss in sherbert yellow vintage…

However… these days even this tried and tested vintage silhouette is getting on my nerves.

What happened to being original? I want ideas from you for unique, stand-out-from-the-crowd dresses for all summer occassions – wedding, balls, proms – even bbqs.

Otherwise, I’ll be forced to go down this route (trust me, it ain’t pretty)

Smartie pants (literally)Short and sweet?Yikes

This is your chance… no crystal organza allowed.

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What’s the big deal?

March 29, 2010

I know everyone has been obsessed with Miss Moss for years. I include myself in this, but is this latest look really worthy of a style section feature? …And if so, good news girls- it’s a dead easy one to copy! Just pull on your skinny jeans, vest top, ankle boots, (pretty much like every other day of your life)
But then…. Whack a shawl on top and Hey Presto! Transformation into the Queen of Chic.

 Now that’s what I call easy style.

Scarf-ace Kate.

Meanwhile, here at whereareyounow? H.Q., we are preparing for ALTERNATIVE FASHION WEEK @SPITALFIELDS. (19TH-23RD APRIL).
Last year it was a brilliant chance to meet lots of lovely customers face-to-face, try out some of our more crazy new designs and sell sample pieces at bargain prices to lucky market-goers.
This year plans to be even better with the most exciting array of goodies yet – and a much welcome guest appearance from Josie’s famous mum – Bonk – to oversee proceedings.

(I swear she was born to be a trader).

It’s worth popping by just to see a bumbagged-Bonk yell, ‘Roll up, roll up, get your Josie skirts here!’

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March 24, 2010

Yesterday, I was down on brick Lane E1, and the weirdest thing… two seemingly ‘cool’ girls in IDENTICAL outfits… WTF?!!

Distressed denim jackets, same floral print dress, laddered tights, DMs and matching trilby – and they were arm in arm.

They weren’t twins

They were over the age of 12

They looked sane

…still don’t get it. Obviously, I couldn’t easily snap the offending siamesers, but here’s an idea of what they could have been going for?

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I carried a watermelon?

March 22, 2010

HOW COOL IS THIS? Bloody love it Jensen… Can I get an orange version (in neon) for my beach holiday please?

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March 22, 2010

Follow us on Twitter!

You can also watch a short documentary following Josie in the lead-up to London Fashion Week here:

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September 11, 2009

Our web shop is now LIVE!

We’ve searched high and low for Josie’s favourite bits of vintage… pair them with her latest designs to get a style that everyone will envy!

Toile Cummerbund Skirt

Toile Cummerbund Skirt

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Pull on a playsuit….

May 7, 2009

Josie has got a new line of playsuits available in TopShop.  They are the perfect balance between slouchy shirts and flirty shorts. (At last check, they has sold out, but a new delivery will arrive next week).

Also, our new African Cropped jackets have hit the shops. Already bagged by stylists and trend-setters alike, they are my personal favourite thing yet.

Meanwhile, Kelly is heading up the new web shop – not long now ladies!

Josie xx

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